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Since the release of Kranked - Live to Ride, Radical Films has been at the forefront of the freeride mountain bike world. Our mission is to produce amazing mountain bike videos.  We accomplish this by featuring the world's top mountain bike riders, developing fresh and provocative storylines and wrapping it all into the highest production standards we can.  Like the riders we film, we are on a perpetual quest to inspire and get our passionate viewers to rule the trail.

CackleFactor The Cackle Factor - Kranked 7. The opposite of sensible. Harebrained. Coming Spring 08.

Welcome to the new website!  We're stoked.  It's deep and full of goodies.  So take advantage.

We're quickly becoming unhinged as we start to explore the lunatic tendencies of this year's roster of riders for our upcoming feature "The Cackle Factor-K7".  So far it is all completely mad.  We're aiming for an off the hook film!

Golden Disk Winner!

Aaron Wells from Virginia, USA recently opened his Kranked 6 DVD to find the Golden Disk  He will soon be styling a large V-10 Santa Cruz decked out with gear from our sponsors, Santa Cruz Bikes, Syncros, SRAM, RockShox, Lizard Skins and Adidas Eyewear.

kracked Kracked - a short edit that goes from cool to not cool and back to cool again.

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